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There's Magic In The Detail of sport

We capture the magic of sports scores, stats, insights, predictions, news and live streams to help the world’s top clubs, federations, broadcasters, media, apps, bookmakers and brands win audiences, customers and trophies.

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The Best Build Magic With Stats Perform

The world’s leading teams, broadcasters, media, apps, bookmakers and brands come to us to transform sporting magic into sports content, analysis and insight which powers audience growth, increased revenues and on-field success.

Enrich your sports analysis and power captivating experiences that bring fans closer to sport with our globally-trusted, expertly-collected Opta data feeds and AI-powered predictions.

Drive on-pitch performance, recruitment and tactics, capture eyeballs and sponsors across every screen and make licensed betting more entertaining. Keep fans informed with the latest sports news video, articles, insights, metrics, live text commentary and interactive widgets. Tell new stories with analytics platforms and our incredible in-house researchers. Whatever magical sports experience you’d like to build, we can help.

Play A 2022 Year in Review & 2023 Look Ahead
A 2022 Year in Review & 2023 Look Ahead (2:00)

Opta. More Than a Fast Score

Opta is our data and it’s more than a fast score, fixture or a game result. Our deep and broad data sets are collected with incredible accuracy in real-time; providing consistent, structured and detailed data that powers our proprietary AI models. It’s that level of depth and sophistication which allows our clients to go deeper, cover more sports, tell better stories more often, and do all of that when it matters most.

Opta represents the universal language of sport. A massive engine of real-time sports data which feeds the global sports platforms which sports fans go to and trust.


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Deeply Entrenched in Every Area of Sport

Stats Perform are a criticial vector for audience growth, revenue growth, and on-field success

Applied Artificial Intelligence in Sport

Stats Perform’s unique combination of market-leading AI capabilities, alongside our massive data engine positions us uniquely for sports’ high volume, highly personalised content requirements.

As the needs of the modern sports fan shifts, the pressure on those producing sports content increases.


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