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Automated Video Produced at Scale

Fan appetite for video content continues to rise and reaching this scale of video output has never been possible before. Now you can cater for the more specific needs of fans.

Achieve Content At Scale

Video plays a key role in all forms of fan engagement. Whether on social media, on site or OOH, video represents an increasing portion of the content fans consume. Stats Performs’ Automated Video feed allows you to widen your base coverage without the need for rights to expensive highlights or drastically increasing your content team’s resource.

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Types of Automated Video

While the match itself remains the centerpiece for fan engagement a growing number of fans’ desire to go further into the numbers.  Our automated video feeds allow you to create content from pre match betting insights to postgame reports getting fans engaged before the match and passed the final whistle.

Drive More Engagement

Take advantage of audience demand to extend engagement beyond the match day.

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