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Sports Data for Broadcast Graphics

Through our industry-leading historical database and detailed, accurate live data, power your broadcast visualisations to bring context and insights on sporting performances to your audience.

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Data-Powered Graphics

Provide innovative, insightful and contextual broadcast graphics through real-time data, packaged and delivered through an extensive range of feeds.

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Play Opta & Ignite – Lions Series Coverage
Opta & Ignite – Lions Series Coverage (01:00)

Empower Talent Through Touchscreen Technology & In-Studio (AR) Graphics

Better educate and engage your audiences with a deep historical database to power interactive touchscreens, allowing pundits and presenters the opportunity to interact with performance data to better explore, compare and describe player and team performances.


Drive Engagement Across Second Screen Experiences

Second screens are a key part of the sports viewing experience. Our detailed, live data, delivered within seconds of the action occurring on the pitch, provides opportunities to create all kinds of experiences, from in-depth live tactical analysis to powering social apps for fans.


Phoenix suns

Enhance Your Broadcast Through Data-Backed Insights & Unique Graphics

The Phoenix Suns have strategically used Stats Perform’s data-driven insights, industry-leading research department and the in-depth, comprehensive Stats Perform’s Graphics Library to power their broadcasts since 2009.

Suns TV works effectively to produce high-quality broadcasts with compelling information that engages viewers, and Stats Perform has contributed to its successful run through exceptional services during a nearly decade-long partnership.

Develop Engaging Sports Data Visuals

We bring our expertise to leading broadcasters and graphics providers to help them understand and visualise data effectively. Explore how our raw data can power your graphic and visual content.

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