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Join us as we help the world’s most innovative and successful teams, leagues, media companies, technology businesses, bookmakers and brands find their winning edge.

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Why Join Stats Perform?

The world of sport is changing and Stats Perform is at the heart of that change. Join us and help transform sport through revolutionary artificial intelligence, be that for digital and broadcast media with differentiated storytelling, tech companies with reliable and fast data to power their own innovations, sportsbooks with in-play betting or teams with first-of-its-kind AI analysis software.

Our company roots go back almost 40 years and as the leading sports data and AI company, we work with the top global sports broadcast companies, tech companies, sportsbooks, teams and leagues.

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Our Mission And Vision

Our Departments

Led by Nancy Hensley, Nancy’s teams are responsible for setting the voice of the company and shaping the expierience of our customers. Heavily focused on growth and innvation, Nancy’s teams move at a fast pace, constantly bringing new ideas to the table and getting them out to market.

Led by Steve Xeller, this department is responsible for managing and growing our media, tech, and major league sports business across the globe. Clients range from the largest tech platforms in the world like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon to a small team or media company looking to grow their revenues through the most advanced sports data and content available.

Led by Andrew Ashenden, this department focuses on growing the work we do with the world’s leading regulated sportsbooks and pricing providers (odds providers), helping them make sports betting more entertaining.

Led by Liz Cutri, General Counsel and SVP Administration, the Human Resources department focuses on our most important and valuable asset: our people. Their mission is to make our employees thrive within the organisation. The department is responsible for managing the employee life cycle, including the recruiting, hiring, training, engagement, inclusion and wellbeing of our workforce, as well as administering employee benefits.

Led by Alex Rice, this department is focused on buliding relationships with sports’ leading leagues and federations. They help us to acquire new strategic rights, and renew and broaden our existing content offering. Our integrity team provides integrity services to rights holders and governing bodies and oversees the risk management of our betting supply chains.

Led by Mike Perez, this department’s aim is operational excellence across its many functions, wether that’s our global data operations team, digitial and business operations, strategic planning and documentation or client operations.

Led by Ashley Milton, this department is

Our Core Values

At Stats Perform, our Core Values are derived from real, observable behaviours exhibited by our most influential team members across the globe. They set us apart from our competition because they don’t state what we want to be, they confirm what we already are.

A Global Organisation

Stats Perform’s clients are spread all over the globe and as such, so is our presence. We are headquartered in London but have offices throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, MEA and Asia Pacific. All of whom are working to elevate the fan experience in sport.

As with many organisations in 2021, some of our employees are based in offices, others are working remotely and some use a hybrid approach.