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Connect with a Sports Integrity Expert

Find out why the sports industry works with us to protect them from integrity threats.

Who We Work With

Stats Perform works with rights holders, betting operators and sports integrity stakeholders discreetly and collaboratively to protect their sports against sources of corruption.

As a sports technology business, we have a vested interest in the integrity of sport, being fundamental to long-term value and development. As such we work transparently with a genuine focus on the integrity of both rights holder content and its distribution, as well as the game itself.

What it’s like to work with Us

“Stats Perform has the best people who know the game and what teams are looking for. Their response times are immediate. It makes it much easier for me since they understand.”
— NBA team analyst

“Stats Perform has broad sports coverage which gives us the flexibility to get additional and deeper sports coverage from one provider.”
— Product Partnerships Head

Our Global Locations