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Who We Work With

Every high-quality sportsbook and fantasy game chooses Stats Perform’s premium sports content to help them create more entertaining and trusted experiences for millions of global users.  

What it’s like to work with Us

“Like everyone else, we are trying to find exciting innovative markets that will appeal to the younger audience, and really step away from the homogenized betting product, that I think, football particularly, has fallen into the trap of. I think over the last few years we have all moved away from that, and really player props was always the next step, we needed the mainstream media to really get involved here, the likes of Opta and Sky Sports. “I think with the rise of that available data and putting it into people’s minds, in the narrative of a sporting event, then customers will start to be interested in the product. “[We were in the pub watching] Barcelona vs Juventus in the Champions League and actually the penny dropped. Whenever anything happened in that game, whether it be (Leonardo) Bonucci making a tackle or whoever would make a pass, and there’s a cheer from one corner of the pub or the next corner of the pub, we started to think ‘hang on, there’s something in this.”

— Trading Director

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