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Sports data and content for brands

Activate sponsorship and build association with sport through the effective use of AI-driven data and content across digital outputs, social posts, physical venues and more.


We help global brands reach fans

Experiential Content Drives Brand Recognition

“To reach younger audiences, marketers must create authentic experiential content which touches people emotionally in order to stimulate greater brand recall among consumers, thereby boosting consumers’ purchase intent.”
– Forbes, 2019
Editorial services

Data-Powered Content to Engage Sports Fans

At Stats Perform, we have a team of editorial experts who can help craft content designed for sports fans using our live and historical data. Whether through ready-made facts or bespoke long-form content, our editorial team can help you deliver your brand message to a global sporting audience.



Capitalise On Sport’s Biggest Events

As a leader in the automotive industry, Nissan continues to differentiate itself with its intelligent mobility systems.

During the Champion’s League, Nissan launched the #InnovateYourGame campaign utilising Opta’s advanced analytics along with official match footage to generate next-level social media content.

The campaign allowed Nissan to more authentically engage with customers during one of Europe’s most-viewed sporting events, while continuing to highlight the brand’s commitment to competition and creativity.


Reach Millions of Fans During Games

Connect with fans using engaging, in-depth insights delivered to your platform by utilising the world’s most robust sports database in tandem with natural language generation. Bolster your push notification and in-app messaging strategy with messages designed to direct eyes from one screen to the next.

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Engage & Monetise Audiences

Omnisport covers the biggest stories, essential highlights, key press conferences, traffic-generating editorial content and best viral clips from the world of sport. These outputs can be branded to fit your look and feel, helping you increase your relevance among sports fans through quality, engaging content.

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Enhance Engagement Through Data-Driven Experiences

Budweiser’s Goal-Synced Glasses, powered by Stats Perform, allows hockey fans to celebrate their favourite NHL team in their home the same way they would in stadium when a goal is scored.

“Working with Stats Perform has allowed us to provide the data to power an idea that truly changes the game for hockey fans. The Goal-Synced Glass was designed to enhance the viewing experience for fans – while helping us sell a lot more Budweiser.”

Build Your Association with Sport

Take your brand to fans through content powered by quality sports data.

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