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STATS Research Services

STATS’ research team ensures the highest quality and depth of international sports coverage, providing around-the-clock services that include pre-game prep and live support during events.

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“I can sum up in one word how I feel about STATS, and that’s ‘trust.’”

STATS, with research teams located in both the U.S. and EMEA, works with some of the most recognized broadcasters and online content platforms in the world as their trusted source of sports insights and analysis.

How Can STATS Research Help You

Play Brian Anderson on Sports Broadcasts
Brian Anderson on Sports Broadcasts (02:01)
Engagement in-Arena

Captivating In-Arena Visuals

Modern sport stadiums face a range of challenges whether that be competition for eyes from smartphones in the ground or viewing options away from the stadium.

Stats Perform can help you integrate detailed data throughout your ground to improve fan experience, drive fan loyalty and drive value out of commercial partnerships.

Use our accurate, globally consistent data throughout your stadium to power scoreboards, screens and more before, during and after the game. Create engaging, custom in-ground mobile, AR and VR experiences for fans.


Play Pittsburgh Penguins on Driving Fan Engagement Using Stats Perform
Pittsburgh Penguins on Driving Fan Engagement Using Stats Perform (2:15)

Maximize the Sports Information You Provide

Fans want detailed analysis to stay informed. STATS can help.

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