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Moments That Matter

When do your moments that matter occur? Before, during, or after a match, PressBox helps you capture those moments and engage your fans in new and exciting ways.
Helping you share the Moments That Matter

Tell Richer Stories and Deliver Unique Insight with PressBox

Sport moves fast. So fast that sometimes the challenges of analysing the game, delivering insightful commentary, and providing relevant graphics and video get in the way of the action. That’s why we built PressBox.

One platform, a multitude of sports storytelling possibilities.

Best-in-class sports Data

Powered by Opta

What makes PressBox different than other matchday tools? PressBox not only unifies a number of key applications in a single location, but it also utilises our best-in-class sports data, Opta.

Opta data is collected, vetted, and analysed from every match in real-time. Data is then fed into our artificial intelligence models and delivered alongside insights from our award-winning data editorial team.

Get predictive models, advanced metrics, rich insights, and more – all without leaving the platform.

Missed the live event?


Supporting you Before, During, and After the Match

Extend Your Match Coverage and Fill Gaps in Your Content Pipeline

Keep fans engaged long after the final whistle has been blown with PressBox.

  • Increase tune-ins ahead of the match and build hype with engaging stories and facts.
  • Extend your reach with sharable social media video and images.
  • Identify unique trends in play as it occurs with on-demand chat access.
  • Expand sponsor ad inventory with automation.

PressBox helps you improve your fans’ experience whenever you use it. Learn more about how PressBox can take a single football match and transform it into a week’s worth of content.

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Data and Content for Your Platforms

Get in touch with an expert to understand how you can reach and engage with sports fans before, during and after the game.

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