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SBC News - October 28, 2019

Nick Iliffe, Stats Perform: Integrity challenges & collaboration in practice

By: Luke Massey

When Stats Perform agreed our partnership with Control Risks, it was based on the understanding that collaboration across the industry is key in the fight against match-fixing and corruption.

By combining our own offering across prevention, detection and investigation with Control Risks’ global investigative practice and experience in building resilient and compliant governance programmes, we are able to help stakeholders in the sports industry ensure their integrity, anti-doping and compliance programmes are truly fit-for-purpose.

There is no one size fits all approach for collaboration but as the global legalised betting landscape continues to develop and evolve it is imperative that as an industry we do not rest on our laurels and that we continue to identify practical, innovative and of course legal measures to share intelligence in the fight against sporting corruption.

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