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Forbes - February 27, 2019

Orlando Magic Enter Exclusive Deal With STATS To Begin Using AI Player Tracking Technology

By: Sigmon Ogus

The Magic’s use of the AutoSTATS system marks the growth of the STATS proprietary software and the methodology of partnering with basketball teams and the league to show off the player tracking product and its unique capabilities. These partnerships date back to 2009 when STATS partnered with the NBA in its installation of SportVU camera tracking system in all NBA league arenas in an effort to ramp up the accessible data available to teams and fans and, to a lesser extent, to evaluate the NBA game and its players.

STATS is touting its software as a first-of-its-kind technology within the sports world and says that AutoSTATS is the result of years of research and development from the STATS team in creating and fine-tuning the AI software to ensure the accuracy of the information. With the Magic having first access, they will immediately have a leg up in NBA Draft evaluations if the software proves to be up to its billing. The team will provide a valuable case study for the company as the Magic has proven to be a more difficult destination for free agents so strong draft results are crucial to its’ success. The team has not made the NBA Playoffs since the 2011-12 season and it will be worth noting how this partnership with STATS may change their future on-court performance.

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