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SportsHandle - October 18, 2019

William Hill, Stats Perform Collaborate On A.I.-Driven Prop Partnership

By: Matt Rybaltowski

Under the partnership, the sports technology group will utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques that will enable William Hill ( to create unique player prop bets. During the first phase of the rollout, Stats Perform will supply probability lines for William Hill’s expansive menu of NBA and NFL props. If successful, the partnership could be expanded to several other sports.

“For me, this is absolutely on the sweet spot of what Stats Perform will be in the future to the industry,” Stats Perform Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Ashenden told Sports Handle.

The probability lines are determined through STATS VQ, a platform launched in April that uses proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence to come up with more accurate prop bets than the rest of the market. The launch came a week after Europe-based Perform Group announced a proposed merger with STATS LLC that sought to combine two of the world’s leading sports data providers.

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