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Opta Analytics: AI-Derived Insights to Enhance Your Storytelling

Opta Analytics’ suite of advanced metrics, which measure the quality of passes, shots and individual playing styles, is enabling you to take your analysis of football to the next level by providing underlying insights into the actions of all the key performers on the pitch.


Opta Data – Much More Than a Scoreline

The world of professional sport is constantly evolving, with every team wanting to ensure they are better prepared to win the next game, are best placed to recruit emerging talent and can sustain long-term performance objectives.

Data analytics is one of the key driving forces behind this evolution – and is now also changing the way broadcasters, publishers and storytellers communicate with audiences across different channels.

Opta Analytics is powering the smartest and most in-depth analysis of football, empowering rights holders to go beyond reviewing basic statistics, such as appearances, goals and shots, to deliver the underlying insights which fans crave the most, explaining the actions which define match results as well as highlighting, objectively, the impact of a team’s standout players.

Real-Time Insights, Trained on World-Leading Data

With a live Opta database comprising millions of on-ball events each season, from hundreds of men’s and women’s leagues around the world, we possess the ideal foundation to train advanced metrics which help explain the underlying stories of the game.

Our models take into account multiple factors when attributing values to events, including:

  • The field location – including the distance and angle of a key event in relation to the opposition goal.
  • Possession context – what were the previous actions in a passage of play?
  • Pressure and clarity – how many players are between the ball and the opponent’s goal when actions occur?
  • Separating men’s and women’s football – we provide dedicated a xG model for the women’s game.

Apply Magic to Your Football Coverage With Opta Analytics

Opta Analytics In Action

Across broadcast, digital and web channels, Opta Analytics is providing the insights which are driving new narratives around on-field performance – helping you explain changes in player and team form, the quality of chances created in a game, contrasting playing styles and much, much more.

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