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LUYS: Bet LiveStreams – Smart Stats Overlays

LUYS: Bet LiveStreams – Smart Stats Overlays


Smart Stats Overlays™

Smart Stats Overlays™ helps you customise our Bet LiveStreams portfolio for your bettors’ needs, with contextual graphics, powered by Opta data, seamlessly displayed in the stream as the match unfolds. This brings them closer to the game, for teams they know and teams they don’t, making every live stream more relevant, to more bettors. Smart Stats Overlays™ graphics include:

  • Team and Player Shots and Opta Expected Goals (xG), providing objective insights into team and player goalscoring potential and supremacy, beyond what the scoreboard might say;
  • Total player fouls, corners, offsides, player passes and more to help bettors track bets and contextualise the odds
  • Match and player betting insights to illuminate the in-play action and help bettors make more informed decisions.

Smart Stats Overlays™ is available to Bet LiveStreams customers through our hosted Content Player, or via API for custom integration. Your users will wonder what they ever did without it.

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