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STATS and Catapult join forces to provide unique Athletic Performance Data and Analytics on a Single Unified Platform

June 17, 2014

Melbourne, Australia, and Northbrook, IL – June 17, 2014  – STATS LLC and Catapult have announced a partnership that combines two of the leaders in elite athlete analysis and offers teams streamlined performance data on their athletes. The partnership will initially focus on NBA and college basketball, with plans to expand into other sports in the future.

STATS, a global leader in sports content and technology, will integrate game data from its SportVU player tracking technology with data from the practice environment via Catapult’s tracking monitors to provide a complete data snapshot all on a single dashboard. With full access to practice, training and game data, teams are afforded new insights into injury prevention, the next frontier of sports analytics.

“We learned a tremendous amount about the physical toll endured by an NBA player with our first full year of player tracking analytics. By combining these data sets we can help minimize injuries and maximize performance. This is incredibly valuable. Teams are investing millions of dollars into their players and we can help keep their talent on the court,” said Brian Kopp, Senior Vice President, Sports Solutions at STATS.

Catapult CEO, Shaun Holthouse, is excited about the heavyweight partnership, stating that this will take player analysis to an unprecedented level.

“We’ve owned this wearable technology in elite sport space for a while now, and our team is ruthless in pursuing new and better ways to enhance athlete performance and minimize the risk of injury,” Holthouse said. “We are thrilled to be working with the STATS team to provide player insights that have never been possible before. This is an exciting step for anyone interested in sports, technology and/or data analysis.”

Catapult’s wearable GNSS and LPS tracking devices are worn unobtrusively under players’ jerseys in practice and capture data such as heart rate, speed, distance, PlayerLoad, metabolic power, jumps and acceleration and deceleration forces.

STATS’ SportVU is a system of six cameras and STATS’ proprietary software that calibrates and measures both players and the ball in x and y coordinates. The result is a continuous stream of ground-breaking statistics based around speed, distance, player separation and ball possession data that allows for more detailed and targeted analysis of players and teams.