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STATS Brings In-Depth 2018 World Cup “Colour Commentary” to Media Providers with STATS Insights™

June 4, 2018

LONDON/CHICAGO– June 4, 2018 –With the 2018 FIFA World Cup less than two weeks away, STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, has announced the release of new 2018 World Cup STATS Insights to power deeper storytelling around each match.

STATS Insights leverages more than 35 years of research experience to deliver deep historical and comparative statistical insights, play-by-play descriptions, in-game trends and even social media content based on events as they happen in the match. Starting at least 24 hours prior to each match, media providers receive 15-25 pregame Insights providing detailed looks at each matchup, including notes on previous meetings, histories, upcoming milestones and notable player/team rankings. During the game, live Insights, deliver trends on players and teams based on in-game events, statistics and milestones. Using STATS Insights, media providers can tell deeper, more meaningful stories with historical context and relevant information.

“With the world’s eyes on Russia for the FIFA World Cup, fans today expect more information from their media providers on key matchups and statistics, and deeper meaning from important moments within a match,” said Richard Henderson, Chief Revenue Officer at STATS. “STATS Insights are a vital tool to tell in-depth stories that meet the needs of fans who are hungry for more statistics and analytics. Backed by STATS’ Research and Analytics team and extensive historical database, media organizations get match information and statistics that provide important details leading up to and during each match.”

STATS Insights is powered by the deepest sports database and decades of broadcast research experience, which is also available for the English Premier League and French Ligue 1. STATS collects the most sports data for football leagues around the world, which provides deeper context to the significance of each match and player matchups.

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