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STATS LLC Partners With ClassX to Integrate Tracking and Event Data

January 29, 2016

CHICAGO – January 29, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, has partnered with ClassX, a renowned developer of high-performance software and complex systems for the management of broadcast graphics based in Italy.

STATS will provide live tracking and event data for soccer, which ClassX will integrate into its solutions and make available to Italian broadcasters. The integration will be presented to representatives of all major Italian broadcasters at the ClassX Broadcast Meeting at its headquarters in Calcinaia, Italy on February 1.

“STATS is delighted to partner with ClassX to bring industry-leading statistical content to broadcast through innovative graphical engines,” said Federico Winer, Business Development Director for STATS Europe. “This deal will benefit both fans and broadcasters. Fans will get new perspectives on sporting action, while TV producers will have access to a turnkey solution that will enable them to deploy real-time information without depending on time-consuming graphical queues.”

“From our first contact with STATS we have been enthused by the opportunity to integrate live tracking data with our powerful graphics engines,” said Giovanni Pallesi, ClassX CEO. “The integration will result in exceptional real-time graphical representations of complex data streams for instant deployment in broadcast.”