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Stats Perform’s Chief Technology Officer to Speak at the Fall 2019 Chicago CTO Summit

November 7, 2019

CHICAGO – November 7, 2019 –– Stats Perform, the revolutionary leader in sports AI and data, announced that Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dr. Helen Sun will speak at the Fall 2019 Chicago CTO Summit co-hosted by CTO Connection and GOTO Chicago on Tuesday, November 12.

Dr. Sun will deliver a presentation on the building and scaling of AI-driven engineering teams. As CTO at Stats Perform, Dr. Sun has supported the transformation of the company from a data and content company into an AI-powered software business. During her presentation, Dr. Sun will discuss the process behind organizing product, technology and engineering teams strategically to accelerate the innovation cycle and achieving short- and long-term growth by promoting collaboration across teams. With the recent launch of AI-powered products including AutoSTATS, Edge, VQ, Insights and Widgets, Stats Perform is pioneering innovation in a new sports AI-powered data revolution.

“As progressive companies embrace the AI-powered data revolution, it is vital that engineering leaders adopt structure and best practices to support their teams through a fast-paced environment,” Dr. Sun said. “At Stats Perform, we have organized our technology teams by product and capabilities to build and adopt new AI and machine learning techniques that power insights that transform sports media and technology, betting and team performance. Our success is built on a focused structure and cross-team collaboration that embraces innovative thinking for our products. I look forward to sharing ideas and best practices amongst my Chicago engineering peers.”

The Fall 2019 Chicago CTO Summit brings together CTOs and engineer managers to discuss better practices for hiring smarter, refining engineering culture, improving processes, managing more effectively, and adopting better engineering practices and architectures. For more information, visit