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Dynamic automated content delivered at an unimaginable speed and scale, powered by our award-winning data.

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PressBox Content

Ready-to-publish content written at lightning-fast speeds

PressBox Content alleviates the stress of creating match recaps and player bio pieces through cutting-edge content automation. PressBox Content is ready to publish, allowing staff to work on more complex projects. Because our content is delivered via API with meta-data of matches, teams, and players, this content can be auto-published dynamically with no manual intervention.

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Natural Language Generation

PressBox Content brings our award-winning data to automated content creation through the power of Natural Language Generation. Natural Language Generation, or NLG, is a branch of artificial intelligence that converts structured data into human-sounding text that is:

  • Dynamic – Updates automatically when source data changes
  • Multi-Lingual – Easily translated to engage fans around the globe
  • Scalable – Produces more content in less time without increasing headcount

Accelerate Your Editorial Production


Writing league-wide previews and recaps can be a daunting yet unfulfilling task for writers. While outlets would prefer to have writers tackle more complex and richer pieces, previews and recaps are still vital for basic coverage.

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Engage Sports Fans at Scale

Get in touch with an expert to understand how you can reach and engage with sports fans before, during and after the game with Natural Language Generation.