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Qwinn Predictions

Experience Qwinn Predictions, next-generation predictive analytics powered by our best-in-class sports data

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Predictive Data

Qwinn Predictions adds context to upcoming games, current matches, and players to watch. When fans ask themselves, “should I watch a mid-week game or tune into the newest Netflix series?” Qwinn Predictions gives you the information a fan needs to know ahead of the match, or during the action. Provide an engaging narrative to help inform consumers of what to potentially expect.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence Modeling

AI predictive models evaluate thousands of data points across decades of historical, in-season, and in-game data. In addition to this explicit data used to train models, implicit signals are used to account for the “wisdom of the crowd” that drives the betting markets. All our models are continuously evaluating to find additional data that may add predictive strength.

Models adjust and transform with data inputs of all kinds, including:

  • Game location and conditions – home advantage, time of day, regular season vs playoffs
  • Team-specific data – team strengths and weaknesses, historical matchup performance, recent matchup performance
  • Player-specific data – player strengths and weaknesses, historical and recent matchup performances
  • Game Situation – current score, time remaining, regular time vs overtime

Predictive Analysis in Action

Power Your Platforms

With a variety of delivery options available, our easy to integrate data feeds allow you to build unique, engaging digital sports experiences.

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