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The 2016 Olympic Games’ Second Screen Requirement

By: Andy Cooper

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London was a watershed moment for digital media in sports, but the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro is set to take digital fan engagement to the next level. If London 2012 was the first digital Olympic Games, then Rio 2016 could be the first genuinely multi-platform Games, with content being consumed across a range of channels and multiple devices.

Smartphone and second-screen usage is now commonplace across a broad demographic range, with 85 percent of likely Olympic viewers using additional devices as they watch TV, according to Global Web Index. Statistics such as these highlight the importance of innovative digital services to organizations seeking to build an engaging strategy around the 2016 Olympics.

NBC Universal, an official broadcast partner of the Olympic Games, is an example of just how valuable additional and diversified digital services can be as it expects to exceed $1 billion in advertising sales across its platforms during the Games.  Second screen apps can lead to immediate return on investment by creating space for targeted ads and sponsorships while simultaneously building a significant online audience.

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