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5 Numbers About… Tyreek Hill

By: Ethan Fore

Sometimes, there’s an athlete that has such exceptional talent that they can be written about, talked about, or, even better, watched over and over again with a new discovery to be made each time.

Tyreek Hill is one of those athletes.

His blazing speed, lightning-quick movements and small frame make Hill one of the most unique players in the NFL. With Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback, Hill can put up video-game numbers on any given Sunday.

Here are five numbers about the Kansas City Chiefs’ speedster:

269 Receiving Yards

This weekend’s showdown is one of those Super Bowls in which the teams have already played once during the regular season. In Week 12, the Chiefs traveled to Raymond James Stadium, host of Super Bowl LV, to take on Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

You may remember this particular matchup, especially if you play fantasy football. Hill exploded for 269 receiving yards, including 203 yards in the first quarter alone.

He caught 13 passes on 15 targets, averaging a ridiculous 20.7 yards per reception. Hill’s 269 receiving yards were the most in a single game since Julio Jones racked up 300 receiving yards in 2016.

Hill (10) does a backflip into the end zone against the Buccaneers in late November. Tampa Bay gets another shot at Hill and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl on Sunday. (AP Photo/Doug Murray, File)

3 Big-Play TDs

On top of the 269 receiving yards in Week 12, Hill caught three touchdowns, each for 20 yards or more.

Hill first beat Carlton Davis on a stutter-step, caught the ball at the Tampa Bay 23-yard-line and sped past rookie safety Antoine Winfield Jr. for a 75-yard score. Then he beat Davis again, this time on a crossing pattern from the slot and waltzed into the endzone for a 44-yard TD.

Midway through the third quarter, Hill beat Davis for a third time, getting past him on a simple go route. Mahomes delivered another perfect pass, leading Hill into the endzone for a 20-yard touchdown, his third (and shortest) of the game.

In the last fifteen years, only four other players have scored three TDs of 20 yards or more: Terrell Owens in 2007, Jamaal Charles in 2013, Antonio Brown in 2016 and Breshad Perriman in 2019.

26.3 Double-Team Percentage

One tactic defenses often implement to slow or stop opposing No. 1 wide receivers is by double-teaming them. Only Davante Adams and Julio Jones were doubled more often than Hill, and the next highest rate, belonging to Tennessee’s A.J. Brown, is nearly six percentage points below Hill’s rate (minimum 50 matchups).

After playing a lot of man coverage against Hill in Week 12 with safety help over the top, expect defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to try more Cover 3 and Cover 4 to try to contain Hill.

21.9 MPH

That’s Hill’s top speed of the 2020 season, according to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats. In the third quarter of a Week 14 bout with the Miami Dolphins, Hill sped past first-team All-Pro cornerback Xavien Howard and got backup safety Clayton Fejedelem to bite on a double-move before Mahomes delivered a perfect deep ball for a 44-yard touchdown.

Hill’s top speed ranks fifth among all plays behind Raheem Mostert (twice), Kenyan Drake and Jonathan Taylor.

37.3 Yards Per TD

Hill ranks fifth in terms of the NFL’s all-time average length of touchdowns scored in the regular season (minimum 50 touchdowns).

Hill has scored 58 touchdowns and collected 2,162 yards on touchdown plays, resulting in an average of 37.3 yards per touchdown. Hill stands behind DeSean Jackson (45.3), Ken Burrough (42.0), Bob Hayes (41.5) and Carroll Dale (38.5).

Hill catches a touchdown pass in the AFC Championship game on Jan. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Bonus Number: 14th Time

Super Bowl LV will mark the 14th time that the Super Bowl will be a rematch of a regular-season game. In the six times that a team has swept both matchups, the NFC held the victorious team.

AFC teams have had four chances to sweep the two matchups, but have lost all four: Buffalo Bills in 1990 and ’93, Tennessee Titans in ’99 and New England Patriots in 2007. Overall, the NFC is 10-3 in Super Bowl rematches.

In these 14 rematches, only one player has led each game in receiving yards: Wes Welker in 2007 (Week 17 and Super Bowl XLII).


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