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5 Ways to Engage Users with Sports Content

By: Andy Cooper

The sports industry is a competitive marketplace and everyone wants a piece of it, as the sports analytics market is expected to be worth over $600 million by 2021. Fans are searching for more content about their favorite teams and biggest sporting events. Here are five ways that you can connect with sports fans through sports content on your website, increasing engagement with your audience.

Attract a global audience: Provide your visitors with the diversified sports information they crave, which will keep them on your website for longer. Fans have a wide-range of sporting interests, as digital platforms allows them to follow tournaments in different countries. Translations can provide further opportunities too, as they can expand the audience even further.

Complete Coverage: Sports fans can be as loyal to websites that they follow as they are with their teams, but can be easier to lose users than gain them. However, this requires complete coverage on sports, allowing fans to read about teams, check their box scores and get all the information that they want.

Data-Driven Insights: Engagement is in the detail, and interest in sports statistics is at an all-time high. Fans want information on their teams, for fantasy and for gambling, tracking score lines and results in real-time.

Mobile friendly: Sports content has to be optimized for mobile; according to Nielsen, 84% of smartphone and tablet owners are second-screeners while watching television, offering huge opportunities for engagement with a captive audience.

Professional Design: The look and feel of a website can be as important as the content itself to attract an audience.  Poor or dated designs can ensure that fans would look elsewhere for their sports content in the future.

STATS HOSTED Solutions are built for user engagement, achieving all this and more, as our global sports coverage can be seamlessly integrated into your existing digital platform. With major sporting events like the Olympic Games taking place this summer and the 2016 NFL season around the corner, STATS have the products to improve visitor experience and engagement with your website. Click here to find out more.