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5 Ways Our Products And Opta Data Were Used In April 2023

By: Zaid Khan

Stats Perform are proud to power some of the most innovative, entertaining, and rich sports experiences.

Every month throughout 2023 we’ll showcase the powerful ways our customers use our products to create unrivalled experiences centred around sport.


Opta-powered betting insights assisting pre-match bettors










What have Stoiximan done? 

Mapped our pre-match betting insights alongside their betting markets in multiple languages. 

What experience does this create? 

This helps provide bettors with information that helps them make more confident, informed, and faster betting decisions. It also helps them understand teams’ historic performance for markets they might be less familiar with.

For more customer examples of this product in use, visit our interactive product finder, and click on the pre-match betting insights product (we also provide these in-play).

detailed live player stats for thousands of matches per year 

What have bet365 done? 

Leverage our real-time Opta data feeds to display detailed player statistics in their event console including shots, passes, tackles, and each player’s Opta expected goals (xG) totals. Event pages are some of the most visited pages for live bettors on bet365.  

What experience does this create? 

Displaying live player stats on event pages has become a necessity for sportsbooks – with the growth in popularity of player stats markets, it is important that bettors can track player performances across various stat categories to see how their bet is progressing. This helps bettors make data-driven decisions on various in-play betting markets without having to switch to another application. Opta were proud to help bet365 become the first sportsbook to have real-time player xG on their sportsbook’s event page during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  

If you’re interested in displaying real-time, detailed player stats, integrate our brand-new Content Player Pro – you can find more information on this along with customer examples on our interactive product finder. 










What have Betano done?  

We calculate the expected goals (xG) of every shot for more than 300+ competitions in near real-time. Recently, Betano have added in-play Opta team expected goals totals to their in-play event pages under the match score to give their users the most accurate contextual overview of a team’s in-play chance-creation quality. 

What experience does this create?  

The savvy placement of this ensures every bettor visiting Betano’s event page can quickly check the score of the match and the corresponding expected goals total to understand the true context of a game. They can see which team has made the most of their chances by overperforming or underperforming their overall xG, and this helps them make more informed betting decisions on various in-play and outright markets. 

To know more about our expected goals model and ways you could use it, visit our interactive product finder.  

Opta insights powering betting predictions 






What have Unibet done?  

Our data insights team produce a weekly article incorporating Opta data and insights for their popular blog area on These articles examine relevant topics from the footballing world with a data-driven lens, and provide context for the wide variety of betting markets on Unibet.

What experience does this create? 

Weaving unique data into their betting blog helps Unibet cater to a wide variety of bettors and provides data-driven evidence on the key stories across the beautiful game. 

From investigating which Premier League players have been most valuable to their side, making sense of Unai Emery’s revolution at Aston Villa, predicting which teams will finish in the top four, and marvelling at Kevin De Bruyne’s genius in midfield for Manchester City – Opta data helps Unibet present a wide variety of data-driven editorial content to their readers.

To see how our industry-leading data and insights can boost your editorial coverage, visit our interactive product finder. Or if you have a bespoke requirement, get in touch, and we’d be happy to discuss options with you.

Instant Highlights transforming bettors’ sports-watching experience 

What have Winamax done?  

Winamax have implemented our Instant Highlights API to create a bespoke livestreaming experience for their users. They can now filter and re-watch important match events per their preference like goals, shots on target, cards, and more. 

What experience does this create? 

Instant Highlights transforms bettors’ sports-watching and betting experience by helping them re-watch key match moments that matter the most, preventing them from switching to another application. It makes a sportsbook’s event page the main hub to watch on-demand highlights, boosting time spent on the sportsbook and helping them scale their overall audience growth and retention ambitions.

To know more about how Instant Highlights can make your sportsbook the main hub for re-watching key match moments, visit our interactive product finder. 

Bonus case studies feat. a drinks giant, an app changing football coverage, and the 2023 Rugby World Cup

Provide a real-time, at-a-glance view of how a match is unfolding  














What have Fotmob done?  

Fotmob have used Opta’s real-time, accurate data to create their own Match Momentum model to help users understand the attacking threat of each team during a match. 

What experience does this create? 

Visualising the attacking threat of each team using Match Momentum transforms the way bettors follow live matches. It helps media houses and sportsbooks quantify the flow of a game in a visually aesthetic manner, helping bettors quickly understand the current game-state and make informed betting decisions on various in-play and outright markets. Using Momentum alongside traditional statistics helps quantify the game for bettors in a more comprehensive manner, improving overall customer experience and increasing the speed at which bettors can make in-play decisions. 

bet365 use our Match Momentum model – check examples of it in use here.


Creative marketing activations that fans tell their friends about 

What have Coca Cola and done?  

Created 500+ unique World Cup 2022 NFT artworks to tell the story of the match using Opta data.  

What experience does this create? 

This perhaps is the best example of how Opta data can be used to tap into the Web3 world to create engaging content by keeping sport at the heart of your efforts. Coca Cola and teamed up to create NFT artworks to illustrate the story of iconic World Cup games, tapping into the heritage and historic value of the tournament for soccer fans and leveraging Opta data to power their video artwork.

To see how Stats Perform’s wide suite of products can help you create bespoke fan experiences like this, visit our Product Finder website. 

Sponsorship activation that helps fans deepen their understanding and creates new fans of players








What have Asahi done?  

Worked with the Opta data insights team to activate their sponsorship of the 2023 Rugby World Cup by picking six players who will go ‘beyond expected’ at the tournament. These were presented in the form of eye-catching graphics made using our PressBox Graphics platform. 

What experience does this create?  

World Cups across sports are occasions when fans are excited to see which promising prospects use the tournament as a launchpad to break out and turn into superstars. Asahi tapped into this anticipation by leveraging Opta’s real-time data and insights to create engaging content for rugby fans. By highlighting player performance stats to profile six promising players to watch out for at the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Asahi was able to help fans feel more connected to the game and its players, giving them insightful data-driven information and making their sponsorship activation resonate with rugby fans.

For more information on how you can make thumb-stopping social media graphics using PressBox Graphics like Asahi did, visit our Product Finder website. 

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