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Dynamically Predicting Shot Type in Cricket

By: Stats Perform

Stats Perform’s 2020 Research Paper, titled “You Cannot Do That Ben Stokes: Dynamically Predicting Shot Type in Cricket Using a Personalised Deep Neural Network”, was shortlisted as a finalist in the research track at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Co-authored by Will Gürpınar-Morgan, Daniel Dinsdale, Joe Gallagher, Aditya Cherukumudi and Patrick Lucey, the paper introduced a new model for dynamically predicting a batsman’s shot type in One Day International cricket, using ball-by-ball event data.

The model takes into account various factors, including the game state, the bowler’s delivery trajectory and various personalised metrics for the batsman to generate probabilities of shot type from each ball and their-end location, highlighting the most likely outcome.

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