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Generate More Online Revenue With Sports Content

By: Andy Cooper

Great content is required to effectively generate revenue, whether your business is news, sports, politics or anything else – as users require a reason to engage with the platform.

Creating content is not as easy as it sounds, and good content can be both costly and time-consuming to produce. It requires a strong team of content producers, whether they are able to write engaging articles, create interesting graphics, or have the ability to produce videos – and on top of all of that, a strategy is required for engagement and, in turn, reengagement, as a lack of interaction with a platform will limit its ability to generate revenue. Quality content, whether it’s written, graphical or video, is the best form of engagement, and is one of the best forms of monetization.

This is true regardless of the industry, so sport is no different from anything else. Sports fans are hungry for information and many want to get something from content that they didn’t know before – from contextualizing performances to adding insights. Engagement is in the detail, and statistics alongside strong analysis can still offer an edge over the competition.

Essentially, digital media platforms cannot have enough quality content, but the option does not have to be hiring more writers, editors, graphic designers or producers. Investing in a system capable of posting relevant, pre-generated content on a regular basis is a viable option, giving your visitors the content they crave while enhancing the user experience as you grow your online audience.

Solutions such as match centers than can also be outsourced and hosted on your platform are also options to increase revenues. Creating new space for targeted ads and sponsorship activations, these give you a platform to attract new commercial partners, which can lead to significant return on investment.

STATS HOSTED Solutions provides global sports coverage that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing digital platform. Increase revenue by capitalizing on major sporting events such as the Olympic Games taking place this summer and the 2016 NFL season, which is around the corner. STATS has the products to improve visitor experience and engagement on your website.