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Interactive Season Review: Premier League 2019/20


Welcome to Stats Perform’s seasonal review series.  Now interactive, these reviews feature a comprehensive breakdown of performance at the key ends of the pitch, as well as insights on team playing styles, both in and out of possession. Unearth new narratives and discover hidden gems in this Premier League review.


By: Stats Perform

Over the course of this week, Stats Perform will be publishing end-of-season reviews for each of the big five European leagues, starting today with the Premier League.


These reviews apply advanced metrics to deliver key performance insights, at both the team and player level. The advanced metrics used in the report are derived from event data and include Expected Goals (xG), Expected Assists (xA), Expected Goals on Target (xGOT) and Sequences and Possessions.

Key findings highlighted in the review include:

– Manchester City amassed the highest collective xG output from open play: 72.2 from 575 shots.

– 36% of Burnley’s xG output came from set pieces, the highest ratio in the league. Tottenham sat at the other end of the spectrum, having generated 89% of their output from open play.

– Southampton’s aggressive approach to pressing paid dividends in terms of goals scored. No other team scored more than the Saints’ total of seven goals as a result of high turnovers.

– In a season hampered by injuries, Sergio Agüero posted the highest xG per 90 output. He was the only player of the league’s top three for xG to exceed his output in terms of his actual goals scored.

– Jack Grealish and Adama Traoré created 75 and 67 goal scoring opportunities respectively from their ball carries, the highest individual player outputs during the season.

– Dean Henderson conceded the same number of goals and faced only marginally fewer shots than the incumbent at his parent club, David de Gea, but the higher quality of these shots, according to xGOT, led to his goals prevented rate ranking him joint-second highest in the league, with de Gea sitting ninth.


Further Insights From The Championship

As well as the Premier League, we have also prepared a review which focuses on the 2019/20 Championship season, providing underlying team and player insights from English football’s second tier.


The Championship review provides insights into the teams who secured promotion to the top flight last month, as well as the players who excelled in front of goal, in chance creation and in build-up play.

If you have any questions relating to our findings, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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