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Interactive Season Review: Serie A 2019/20

Welcome to Stats Perform’s seasonal review series.  Now interactive, these reviews feature a comprehensive breakdown of performance at the key ends of the pitch, as well as insights on team playing styles, both in and out of possession. Unearth new narratives and discover hidden gems in this Italian Serie A review.


By: Stats Perform

Stats Perform’s latest season review focuses on the standout performers from Serie A during 2019/20.


These reviews apply advanced metrics to deliver key performance insights, at both the team and player level. The advanced metrics used in the report are derived from event data and include Expected Goals (xG), Expected Assists (xA), Expected Goals on Target (xGOT) and Sequences and Possessions.

Key findings highlighted in the review include:

– Napoli recorded the most open play shots in Serie A, but the quality of Atalanta’s shot locations meant that they exceeded Napoli’s open play xG output by over 15 (60.7 vs 45.3).

–As well as generating the highest open play xG, which they outperformed by nearly 10 goals, Atalanta also ranked joint first in xG from set pieces. They exceeded their output by three, giving them a total of 19 goals arising from set play situations.

– Of the teams to qualify for the Champions League, Lazio were the team who conceded the fewest goals from open play. However, based on the quality of chances created by their opponents, we would have perhaps expected them to have conceded nine more goals during the season.

– Lazio’s Luis Alberto contributed the most assists following a carry. His total of seven accounted for almost half of all his assists for the season, highlighting his tendency to carry the ball from deeper positions before looking to feed a teammate.

– Despite showing a tendency to shoot from distance, with a third of his goals coming from outside the box, Luis Muriel posted the highest xG per 90 output in Serie A.


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