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Nevada Sportsbooks Technologies on the Uptick

By: Andy Cooper

Cutting-edge wagering, information and marketing technologies are constantly being introduced into the Las Vegas and Nevada gaming markets. These technologies have enabled Las Vegas to continually reinvent itself. The recently introduced Sportsbook mobile wagering technologies in Nevada are no exception. Although mobile wagering apps were first introduced to Nevada a little more than five years ago, it has only been recently that these technologies have begun to grab a significant share of the market.

Not a simple process
The drafting and approval of regulations by the Nevada Gaming Control Board proved complicated. The NVGCB needed testable logistics and assurances on many items, for example: Is the wagering customer located within Nevada state lines? Can a bet be made while standing a few feet inside the California, Arizona or Utah borders? Was the customer 21 years or older? Was the account owner the same person making the wager?

Eventually all regulations were approved, as were geo-locating vendors. A few casino networks immediately picked up on the trend, especially the operators vying for the local population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area, which now stands at 2.1 million. Surprisingly, many of the large casino conglomerates on “the Strip” are just now arriving into the game. However, plans are on the way for 100 percent of the Nevada sportsbooks to be app-friendly in the next 12 months.

Why Just Pre-Game?
Another technology piquing the interest of many of the Nevada sportsbooks is “in-game wagering” (aka “in-running”). Although second-half wagering has been common for big games during long halftime betting opportunities, the new ability to bet a game’s outcome at any point in time has drawn demand from many bettors in Nevada. What does it take to manage this infrastructure? Information. More specifically, timely and accurate information.

As Nevada sportsbooks continue to expand their sports wagering products and menus, the wagering customer is a winner. They can now use their phones to access the casino’s sportsbook directly and make a wager within seconds. It’s a wager which, regardless of outcome, earns the customer redeemable rewards on their next visit to the casino. All the while, the casino gains valuable first-hand marketing measures on its clients’ behaviors.