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Opta Quiz: Youngest Premier League Goalscorers


Tired of your mates recycling the same old football trivia questions from years gone by? Think you have a football knowledge base that’s the envy of all your mates? Confident of tackling the hardest of football quiz challenges?

It’s time to test your credentials with the latest Opta football quiz!

By: Matt Furniss

49 different clubs have played in the Premier League, with all but one of these clubs having a player aged 21 or younger score a goal for them in the competition.

Can you name the youngest Premier League player to score for each team in the history of the competition? It’s been made a little easier for you by giving you clues about the age of the player when he scored, the nationality of that player and when the goal was scored!

Test your Premier League knowledge and don’t forget to share with friends, family and colleagues. Can you beat their score in 10 minutes?


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