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Opta’s Live Win Probability Model on Amazon Prime Video

By: Oliver Hopkins

Amazon Prime Video made history last week as they become the first company to stream a set of Premier League fixtures. After decades of traditional broadcasting methods, Amazon’s first foray into streaming live football to the nation provided a glimpse at what the future of watching football at home could look like.

To support and differentiate their broadcast coverage, Amazon Prime Video used Opta’s new Live Win Probability model to display win and draw probabilities for each team based on a range of historical and live factors. The Live Win Probability model calculates the probability of each outcome occurring by simulating the remainder of the match 100,000 times. The model probabilities update in real time as the action unfolds on the pitch, providing fans with a live insight into the likely outcomes of the match.

Opta’s Live Win Probability Model powered on-screen graphics that regularly updated viewers on the latest result percentages.

The innovative model provided audiences with rich insights before and during games and new talking points to discuss with fellow fans. It also created new content for talent and commentators to discuss, allowing Amazon Prime Video to add context and detail to their coverage to differentiate their output.

The model will be back in action on Boxing Day as Amazon Prime Video streams another slate of Premier League fixtures.

This is yet another example of Stats Perform working with a major broadcast player to create a new and innovative solution to both bring new insights to fans and differentiate a broadcast client’s output.

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