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Product Innovation in Football a Key Battleground for LATAM Sportsbooks

By: Alex Roberts

Ignacio Iturraspe, Director of Sales Latam at Stats Perform talks to LMG about the role Stats Perform is playing in helping sportsbooks create entertainment-led products that bettors love.

What product innovation trends are you and your colleagues seeing at Stats Perform?

We’re increasingly seeing regional operators follow the lead of global operators looking to prioritise entertaining betting experiences.

This prioritisation is happening because enhanced entertainment = increased time on site, more app opens. All things which successful sportsbooks care deeply about and spend a lot of time thinking about.

Creating experiences that delights users, that they want to spend time on, that brings users closer to the incredible thrill that sport delivers, is no easy feat.

It’s why we launched 5 game-changing products at our Light Up Your Sportsbook product launch earlier this year, because we saw a major product experience gap, we believed we could help operators close. We’re close to announcing our first sportsbook users of these powerful new features, to watch the launch film click here.

Instant Highlights, Smart Stats Overlays™ and the Dynamic Betting Stats API were just three of the new products we launched which supercharge the entertainment value of pre-match, and in-play betting for football, way beyond what else is available.

Instant Highlights lets bettors watch exciting moments from a game they’re streaming but may have missed – for example if they join after the game has started, or don’t have time to watch a full 90 minutes, but don’t want to miss the action. Highlights are available within seconds of the event happening. Smart Stats Overlays™ provides bettors with compelling graphics of betting stats and insights within the stream, so they don’t have to lift a finger to stay informed and engaged.

These live streaming features are available across our extensive football live streaming offering (15k+ matches), with local domestic competitions such as Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Brazil Serie A and B, Peru, Liga MX, Chile and more, meaning we can provide local sportsbooks with plenty of opportunities to create more entertaining experiences for competitions which have millions of passionate fans across the region.

We believe bettors and sportsbooks alike are going to absolutely love the engaging, entertaining experiences the products create.

What are some of the ways sportsbook operators in Europe are innovating their football product?

The three products I mentioned earlier are certainly one way. Another way is by prioritising contextualising the betting experience. By this I mean, giving bettors the tools to make informed betting decisions, directly alongside the bet. This is through insights, both pre-match and in-play, at a team and player-level (something also newly available in our arsenal). Or tools like expected goals (xG), which help bettors understand the quality of a team’s or player’s chances in a match, beyond what the score line says.  Or betting previews, both in video and written form, which are available in many different languages. Ultimately, a more informed customer = a more entertained customer.

The third area of innovation, and perhaps area of biggest change has been the growth in the number of sportsbooks now offering unique Opta-powered betting markets on player and team performance, such as shots, passes and tackles. Click here to see 25+ case studies from operators who’ve innovated across their markets, UX and marketing with our product.

Our Opta Betting product spans thousands of matches a year for leagues like the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A, MLS, Brasil Serie A, Copa Libertadores, and of course we’ll be covering the upcoming Winter 2022 World Cup.

With Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador and Uruguay all set to take part in sports biggest global event, the opportunity for South American players to shine is greater than ever! Now it’s more than just goals. It could be by leading their team’s shots on targets charts, breaking up play in the midfield with perfectly timed tackles, or controlling play with ease through pinpoint passes. Markets on events such as these, with front-end experiences that allow a bettor to track their selections in-play help keep bettors attention throughout the full 90 minutes.

How can sports betting professionals explore Stats Perform’s extensive product catalogue?

When your sports content offering spans more than 15+ global sports, half a million sporting events, and facilitates more entertaining betting for more than a billion different betting options every single year, we appreciate it can be complex to make sense of the powerful tools we have available to help make sports betting more entertaining for your brand.  

The Stats Perform Product Finder is a new tool we have built to help solve that challenge, help make sportsbook professionals jobs easier and help the sports betting industries creativity through sports content run wild! 

In a nutshell, we have developed an easy-to-examine product catalogue that helps sportsbook product managers, trading directors, marketers and beyond understand how Stats Perform products can help you address the unique objectives of your sportsbook.  



This article was originally published in LMG’s Peru Gaming Summit Magazine. To read the interview in Spanish, click here.