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SNAPSHOT: Premier League Match Day 2

Welcome to SNAPSHOT, a weekly series from Stats Perform where we dissect the latest trends in the Premier League visually, because a picture speaks a thousand words.
By: Rob Bateman

Arsenal Changing Lanes

In their first match of the season, Arsenal focused their play mostly down the right, especially in the second half, looking to switch quickly to the left in the attacking third and strike. It had brought them key goals in the FA cup last season and was the blueprint for the third goal at Fulham too.

Fulham v Arsenal: Attacking Thirds

Against West Ham, the Gunners did the opposite, focusing most of their attacking play down the left, again especially in the second half and both goals came from that side of the attack.

Arsenal v West Ham: Attacking Thirds

Toffees On Quality Street

Everton registered the highest Expected Goals value of any team so far this season in their victory over West Brom. Everton mustered 17 shots, 13 of which came from inside the box, showing their patience to wait for the right moment to strike. Those 13 were spread among three players. Michael Keane managed two.

Everton v West Brom shot map

Richarlison attempted five, with an average distance from goal of 11 yards.

While Dominic Calvert Lewin had six shots, with an average distance of just five yards.

Ancelotti is tapping into a rich tradition of direct effective football at Everton. Of all teams to score 500+ Premier League goals, Everton have the highest proportion of headers (22.6%) and the club’s folk hero, Duncan Ferguson, remains one of only two players in Premier League history to score a hat-trick entirely with his head.

Spurred Into Action

Harry Kane registered four assists this weekend, double his entire tally in the Premier League last season. All four created goals for Son Heung Min. The England captain actually only passed to his strike partner on six occasions in the match, including one throw-in.

Kane passes to Son v. Southampton

Kane looked to beat Southampton’s high line with a series of through balls that set Son away into clear goalscoring opportunities. We’d say he managed to do that quite successfully.

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