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The Shape of Things to Come: Juve vs. Lyon Tactics Explained


Fans don’t get much insight into teams’ true shapes over the course of a match. We see a static image on TV at the start of a game, and if we’re lucky, we might see pundits move some magnets around at halftime. With tracking data and software to make sense of it, there’s plenty more detail to see. In advance of Friday’s Round of 16 UEFA Champions League second leg, our experts dissect how Juventus against Lyon might play out.

By: Stats Perform
The Champions League is back and the biggest clubs in the world are preparing to re-engage. Here, Stats Perform give you an exclusive glimpse into how the biggest teams use AI tools to analyse their opponents’ shape and work out their strengths and weaknesses. In this episode, we look at how Lyon surprised Juventus by using a back three back in February and how the Turin side might be able to respond in the second leg.

A written tactical analysis for this match can be found here.

Shape analysis completed with Edge Analysis.

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