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The Demo Series: PressBox Graphics


Create data-rich, attention grabbing sports visuals effortlessly

Produce data-infused graphics that help you produce engaging visuals for any screen – whether social media, out-of-home, or even on your sports broadcasts in seconds. PressBox Graphics will help your teams produce more impactful graphics while reducing the amount of time it takes to make it.

Used by: social media manager, in-venue graphics operators, publishers, and more.


By: Mike Leon

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Our Sports Graphics Creation Tool

Hear from Mike Leon, our Director of US Media Products & Strategy as he shows how PressBox Graphics can help you produce gorgeous data-infused graphics effortlessly all while saving your teams time and money.

Available for: every sport we cover, tailored to fit to your brand and design specifications.

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The Demo Series - PressBox Graphics (11:53)

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Create gorgeous data-driven visuals effortlessly, supercharge engagement with fans and unlock greater sponsorship opportunities.

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How our clients achieved remarkable results with Opta Graphics

PressBox Graphics powers graphics creation for teams, leagues, competitions, broadcasters and more worldwide. Learn more about how they leveraged PressBox Graphics and see countless examples of PressBox Graphics in use today.

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Two phones displaying tweets of the Pressbox Graphic clients Sydney Sixers and GOAL Indonesia

Check Out The Demo Series

Each Demo Series video features a ~ten-minute deep-dive into a Stats Peform product or service, cohosted by one of our product experts. Learn more about how Stats Perform’s products, powered by Opta data, help teams, broadcasters, publishers, sportsbooks and more entertain fans and dominate their respective markets.