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Week 8 NFL Spreads: STATS vs. Las Vegas

By: Stats Perform

Using STATS X-Info metrics and roster rankings to project favorites vs. the Vegas standard odds

It’s not often to see double-digit spreads in NFL games, but this week there are two – and STATS and Vegas agree on both.

STATS uses proprietary data to project spreads for each NFL game. STATS X-Info calculates roster rankings based on injuries, statistical data and depth at each position, then compares that to an opponent and arrives at a conclusion – the projected spread.

None of these spread projections mean you should empty your account and follow the STATS model to riches. X-Info simply takes into account factors Vegas may not, hence some differing views. And if you’re looking for fantasy advice, you’re still best suited to follow best-in-the-business Sean Koerner and his weekly tiers.

Have a look at how STATS projects the spreads in Week 8 against those coming out of Las Vegas as of Thursday afternoon.

Group 1: Occasionally, STATS and Vegas agree – for the most part:

Minnesota at Cleveland

STATS: Vikings -7.72
Vegas: Vikings -9.5

Even the uncertainty of who Minnesota starts at quarterback – will it be Teddy Bridgewater? – can’t keep the Browns from being heavy underdogs.

Indianapolis at Cincinnati

STATS: Bengals -12.7
Vegas: Bengals -10.5

The Bengals should have an easy time getting back into the win column after having a two-game winning streak snapped last week.

Oakland at Buffalo

STATS: Bills -3.84
Vegas: Bills -2.5

The Raiders’ dramatic win over the Chiefs last week still couldn’t sway the spread in their favor against the Bills.

Carolina at Tampa Bay

STATS: Buccaneers -2.68
Vegas: Buccaneers -2

Cam Newton has thrown five interceptions over the last two weeks.

San Francisco at Philadelphia

STATS: Eagles -10.92
Vegas: Eagles -12.5

Carson Wentz is taking giant leaps in his sophomore season.

Denver at Kansas City

STATS: Chiefs -5.39
Vegas: Chiefs -7

Kansas City looks to avoid a third straight defeat.

Group 2: STATS and Vegas agree on the favorite, but the spreads are pretty far apart.

Los Angeles Chargers at New England

STATS: Patriots -4.02
Vegas: Patriots -7

The Chargers face a tough task as they seek a fourth straight victory.

Houston at Seattle

STATS: Seahawks -1.62
Vegas: Seahawks -5.5

Deshaun Watson has had a great rookie season to date, but Seattle’s defense is poised to shut him down.

Dallas at Washington

STATS: Cowboys -4.7
Vegas: Cowboys -2

The Redskins’ chances to win hinge on stopping Zeke.

Chicago at New Orleans

STATS: Saints -6.31
Vegas: Saints -9

Drew Brees will air it out, while the Bears likely will keep Mitchell Trubisky on a leash and make him hand it off the majority of the time.

Pittsburgh at Detroit

STATS: Steelers -5.53
Vegas: Steelers -3

Pittsburgh tries to overcome the Martavis Bryant drama.

Group 3: Then there are games were STATS and Vegas don’t agree at all:

Miami at Baltimore

STATS: Dolphins -1.84
Vegas: Ravens -3

STATS isn’t giving up on Jay Cutler just yet.

Atlanta at New York Jets

STATS: Jets -0.89
Vegas: Falcons -4.5

The Jets have lost two straight but are remaining competitive.