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We’re Elevating Our Game So You Can Elevate Your Business

By: Andy Cooper

You know that new car smell? Everybody loves it. It adds to the experience of driving new wheels and makes you feel good. We’re enjoying that whiff of excitement across our company right now. Much has changed recently at STATS, from the depth and breadth of our portfolio to the look and feel of our website. Everything feels new!

If you haven’t been to recently, go check us out. The site offers a sharper look, is easier to navigate and provides new resources such as STATS e-books, blogs and webinars to bring you our unique perspective on this exciting and diverse industry.

More importantly, our portfolio continues to expand. It has always been a hallmark of STATS to own the deepest content in the industry and across the globe. We won’t let that change. STATS is aggressively transforming the sports information landscape—in the last seven months, we’ve acquired three companies that will keep us at the forefront of sports technology and content.

In September, we acquired BSports to become the industry’s premier resource for sports analytics. The decision to integrate BSports’ sophisticated system of data analysis and predictive modeling with our rich datasets was not a difficult one, and the results haven’t disappointed. We’re now offering highly accurate, data-driven models for both game results and player performance projections to our clients. In fact, STATS was recognized for the accuracy of its fantasy football and baseball projections by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association in a head-to-head competition among industry leaders this past January. More recently, we introduced a completely new product line in Daily Fantasy Sports projections.

Just last month STATS added The Sports Network and Automated Insights to the team. The Sports Network broadens STATS’ product portfolio in North America and particularly strengthens our hockey portfolio. Meanwhile, Automated Insights is the market leader in natural language generation (NLG) technology across multiple industries, including sports. Wordsmith, Ai’s NLG platform, automatically transforms raw data into narratives with the depth, personality and variety of a human writer. The platform created over a billion articles and reports for its customers in 2014, which include The Associated Press, Yahoo! and Comcast. There is a world of opportunity here, and we are particularly excited to throw SportVU player tracking data and predictive analytics into Wordsmith.

You might have also noticed our new tagline, Elevate Your Game™. It’s sporty and distinctly captures our stated mission to revolutionize the way sports contests are viewed, understood, played and enjoyed. We’re elevating our game so you can elevate your business. Hop on board!