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Autonomously alert fans of the biggest moments as they happen through AI-powered excitement scores and notifications with SmartRatings.

England vs. Australia Rugby match at Twickenham Stadium

Autonomously Gauge Excitement to Ensure Every Clip is Special

Since 2010, we have developed sophisticated data science to measure the subjective excitement of every moment, play, and player in a sporting event. Our in-depth understanding of game excitement at such a granular level enables you to automatically produce any type of highlight or narrative for any audience in real-time with maximum impact.


With a multitude of entertainment options for consumers to engage with, Smart Ratings guide fans to sport broadcasts and streams with personalized excitement ratings based on fan’s team preference and live game indicators such as: total score, number of lead changes, and player milestones.

  • Help fans make more excitement-based viewing decisions on what matters – their entertainment.
  • Alert fans when a match or game gets exciting to get them to tune-in and engage.
  • Tell the story of the match with concise headlines and Live Play Insights.

Have a Real Impact

SmartRatings provide personalised excitement ratings, dynamic headlines, and real-time alerts throughout the course of global sporting events — enabling media outlets to better attract and engage their consumers.

Dynamic headlines and game excitement alerts bolster existing push and app notification strategies by delivering pre-written headlines based on each fan’s preferences, delivered at key moments during the game.

  • Dynamic headlines promote exciting games and upset alerts with more context than standard score notifications.
  • Push notifications based on fan’s team preferences and viewing habits ensure you are sending the right message at the right time to the right audience.

Optimize inventory management and revenue opportunities by incorporating SmartRatings into dynamic pricing strategies. SmartRatings can help identify pre-game demand for items such as tickets or help assign value to in-game sponsorships and advertisements to improve yield management and maximize revenue.

Delight and Excite Fans with the Power of Automation

See how SmartRatings can scale your video efforts and create bespoke engaging content tailored to each sports fan.

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