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Live Tracking Data to Power Your In-Game & Post Match Analysis

Built on a Computer Vision framework, SportVU records the movement, on-field coordinates and velocity of every player, referee and the ball during a game, enabling you to identify and share crucial tactical trends from the gantry to the bench.


Benefit From Over 25 Years of Optical Tracking Data Expertise

Objective Insights to Inform Performance Analysis

The latest SportVU system continues Stats Perform’s longstanding commitment to delivering world-class tracking data solutions, building on the legacy of our pioneering Amisco and ProZone systems.

Through the capture of consistent physical player data, across your entire league, SportVU enables you to review the actions of every player against set KPIs, from both a performance and tactical perspective.

  • Identify the top physical performers in your competition.
  • Establish your team’s speed and intensity during attacking and defensive phases, as well as compare them to your opponents.
  • Identify explosive player movement in and out of possession.
  • Compare a team’s work rate in relation to the game-state.


Enhanced Live In-Venue Collection 

The introduction of live human-led QA, which takes place inside the stadium, means that analysts now have access to a brand new in-game feed which incorporates all live QA and player ID updates.

  • The initial raw player and ball locations are delivered to you in ultra-low latency, within 40 milliseconds of the action happening on the field.
  • An additional live feed then incorporates all human QA updates, to support your in-game analysis.
  • A post-match review ensures 100% tracking data accuracy, in line with your league’s requested SLA, with all data synchronised to Opta event data, to the millisecond, to enhance your post-match analysis workflow.

Tactical View & Dynamix Integration

Analysts using SportVU have the ability to export a HD tactical video of the game, as a result of enhancements which allow feeds from all three SportVU cameras to be stitched together into one file.

This tactical video export is available alongside a raw tracking file export, which comprises 25 frames of tracking data for each player per second. This totals over 3 million individual data points captured per match.

SportVU data can also be integrated into Stats Perform’s Dynamix software. This means you can analyse optical tracking data, alongside GPS data captured from wearable devices, to help monitor player load effectively.


Boosting Broadcast Audience Engagement

In addition to supporting performance analysis departments across a league, SportVU data is also being utilised by a league’s broadcast partners around the world to enhance live coverage of crucial games at both ends of the table.

  • On screen visualisations, powered by tracking data, drive key talking points.
  • In-depth player and team statistics include player speed, distance covered, ball possession, shot speed and much more.
  • In-depth data points open up potential new revenue streams through additional sponsorship opportunities.
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