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2022 FIFA World Cup

Transform your World Cup coverage with our suite of best-in-class data-driven and video solutions. Tap into our Opta data offerings or create stunning video and visuals with our PressBox suite of applications.


Why Stats Perform?

Leaders in Football Storytelling

Stats Perform’s credentials are unrivalled when it comes to helping you tell stories before, during and after the FIFA 2022 World Cup.

The Deepest Football Database – Our data offering is unmatched. We cover 70+ domestic leagues and our World Cup coverage data goes back to 1966.

Millions of Football Followers – Through our Opta channels and The Analyst we are established as the voice of global football.

Unrivalled Data Collection – 100 data collection journalists capturing every match in unmatched detail to provide incredible insight.

Journalists On The Ground – Global teams of expert football journalists will be on the ground, providing incredible video and editorial reporting.

Why Stats Perform?

Historic World Cup Data Going Back to 1966

Unlike any other football database, we have full details for every FIFA World Cup match since 1966. This gives you the chance to extend your coverage and tell more powerful stories.

Deliver an amazing FIFA World Cup experience by:

  • Pitting current players against greats from the past.
  • Revisit famous World Cup moments with detailed data including x, y coordinates.
  • Introduce previously unavailable metrics such as xG to explore old stories in new ways.
  • Tap into fan’s nostalgia and compare the history of performance over time.

Our World Cup Coverage

Visual Content Creation

Streamline Your Graphics Creation

Create eye-catching, scroll-stopping graphics fast with PressBox Graphics. Our collection of data-driven templates allow you to make shareable images in moments, all designed according to your company’s branding. Expedite image creation further with our smart event-triggers to automatically produce and publish images anytime a major event occurs doing a match.

Broadcast Support

Make Live Coverage Easier

PressBox Live is an all-in-one live match center that takes you beyond the boxscore. PressBox Live allows you to keep up with the events of the match, identify trends in play, live chat with our data experts and so much more all from one, central location.

Play PressBox Live
PressBox Live (00:01:40)
Broadcast Support

Enrich Fan Experience

Our team of data editorial experts are here to aide you in taking your coverage further. Before a match begins, data experts provide you with facts and storylines to watch for during the game. During the match, chat with our experts to ask questions and find unique perspectives. After a match concludes, tap into a stream of in-depth analysis insights that can power your live broadcast, social media feed or wherever your fans are.

NEWS and Video

Fill Your Content Pipeline

Our team of expert sport journalists will be on-site in Qatar for the duration of the tournament collecting real-time, in-person coverage. Broaden your coverage of the World Cup and tap into exclusive interviews, stories, and data analysis with our News and Video content. Unbranded and editable, so you can match your platform’s tone and voice.

News and Video

Find the Right Video for Your Needs

Whether you like to edit, just want to post, or somewhere in between, PressBox Video’s three types of video content provide you with the right video every time.

Uncut Raw Video – Uncut footage in its simplest form. No styling, branding or editing applied.

Clean Video – Edited video, without graphics, so you can put your own subtitles, images, and branding.

Ready-to-Publish Video – Highly polished and professionally edited and stylised video, ready for sharing on your platform. All that is missing is your logo and branding.

00:04:06 UNCUT: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw
00:00:44 CLEAN: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup Draw
00:00:44 READY: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw
Play UNCUT: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw
UNCUT: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw (00:04:06)
Play CLEAN: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup Draw
CLEAN: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup Draw (00:00:44)
Play READY: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw
READY: Gareth Southgate on the World Cup draw (00:00:44)
News and video

Download Ready-To-Publish Video

Launch your video coverage or supplement your content by adding in our collection of ready-to-publish video. Access videos like deep-dive content into players and teams, spotlights on major moments, exclusive interviews and more that is sure to delight your fans and subscribers. Offered directly through PressBox Video, our ready video is edited, stylised and polished, and available through our pay-as-you-go service.

00:02:43 Lusail’s Iconic Stadium leads Qatar 2022 venue line-up
00:02:53 Previewing the Qatar 2022 Line-Up
Play Lusail's Iconic Stadium leads Qatar 2022 venue line-up
Lusail's Iconic Stadium leads Qatar 2022 venue line-up (00:02:43)
Play Previewing the Qatar 2022 Line-Up
Previewing the Qatar 2022 Line-Up (00:02:53)
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Ready to Take Your World Cup Coverage to the Next Level?

Learn more about each of our offerings, and how they can be used to bring deep data into your storytelling, website, advertising and more.