Season Review 2019/20


Welcome to Stats Perform’s English Premier League season review for the 2019/20 season.

Interactive and showcasing a host of detailed performance metrics, this report provides insight into the league’s standout performers, applying innovative frameworks produced by our team of AI scientists.

Within this review, we share a comprehensive breakdown of performance at the key ends of the pitch, as well as sharing detailed insight on team style, both in and out of possession. Detailed player analysis also features, with key metrics ranked across different positions.

Notable additions to our reviews this summer include details on the teams most effective at generating opportunities from high turnovers, together with insights into how each team approached the changes to the goal kick rule. We also apply metrics to highlight the ball carrying players who were effective at generating goalscoring opportunities through running with the ball.

These new features reflect Stats Perform’s ongoing commitment to further explore how performance data can inform a club’s decision-making across performance analysis, recruitment and long-term strategic planning.

We hope you find some interesting insights from this review.


Expected Goals (For)


Key Points:

  • Ranked by league position, this table outlines teams’ performances in front of goal, from both open play and set piece situations.

  • Manchester City’s ability to generate high quality chances from open play was demonstrated by amassing an xG output of 72.2 from 575 shots. They exceeded the xG output of champions Liverpool by nearly 18, who ranked second in the metric having generated an xG of 54.8.

  • 36% of Burnley’s xG output came from set pieces, the highest ratio in the league. Tottenham sit at the other end of the spectrum, having generated 89% of their xG output from open play.

  • Exploring overperformance against these metrics, five clubs scored at least two more goals than expected from set pieces, and in contrast eight clubs underperformed by at least two goals. The most notable of these were Watford, who perhaps would have expected to score nearly six more goals from the chances they generated from set plays. The Hornets also underperformed from open play, creating chances worth an xG of 32.7 but only found the net on 24 occasions.

Expected Goals For
Set Play : Total
Open Play
Set Play
Team xG Ratio Shots xG Goals SP Shots SP xG SP Goals
Liverpool 0.16 450 54.8 61 136 11.0 17
Manchester City 0.14 575 72.2 77 159 13.2 17
Manchester United 0.14 416 42.6 47 114 9.1 8
Chelsea 0.17 459 53.5 51 159 12.1 11