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Yahoo Fantasy Football – Engaging with Personalised Stories

Fantasy Football boasts millions of users who love the game and are always hungry for more content. That’s why every week of the season, we use Natural Language Generation to create personalised narratives for millions of Yahoo Fantasy Football users.

Natural Language Generation for Yahoo Fantasy

Personalised and Unique Content for Fantasy Sports Players

Yahoo Fantasy uses NLG for Sports to power their fantasy American football draft summaries and weekly match recaps. 

According to Yahoo Fantasy, fantasy football players spend an average of 29 hours a year on their teams. Fantasy players have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and trust their fantasy league provider to supply rich and detailed data. That’s why Yahoo Fantasy turned to Wordsmith for help automating content. 

Our Wordsmith platform uses Natural Language Generation to transform fantasy football data into draft reports, match previews, and match recaps. The platform generates millions of stories each week of the season, essentially giving every fantasy owner a personalised sports reporter writing about their team. 

Yahoo Fantasy Football is one of the largest professional American football fantasy providers in the world, with millions of users each season. Accounting for the average number of unique readers per week and the average number of minutes per visit, Yahoo Fantasy has added over 100 years of incremental audience engagement by using Wordsmith.  

Thanks to the personalised content created by NLG for each fantasy manager, Yahoo Fantasy Football saw an enormous increase in average time on site per user. Yahoo Fantasy capitalized on this new audience by providing advertising space to Citi, Miller Lite, Snickers, Toyota, Visa, and more. Personalised, engaging content helps Yahoo Fantasy sell advertising and sponsorships at higher rates than standard content could support. 

This form of social brand advocacy deepens the engagement of fans and their friends, which of course further expands Yahoo Fantasy’s monetization potential. Leveraging the power of automation and personalisation, NLG helps Yahoo Fantasy build success one user at a time. 

Helping Yahoo Fantasy Football To Hit Their Goals

What is Natural Language Generation?

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