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AP Terms & Conditions

AP Terms and Conditions

  1. The AP-attributed portions of the Licensed Materials shall not be held in Licensee’s computers or stored in another medium for more than thirty (30) days, and AP-attributed photographs shall not be used in a “slide-show” or “photo-gallery” or any other photo-only type of display.
  2. Upon receipt from STATS or Associated Press of a “kill,” “elimination,” “withheld,” or “correction” directive, Licensee will promptly process such directive, and, if applicable, replace affected material and notify users of the changed status of the affected material. Such replacement or notification shall be conspicuous and shall take place promptly by way of publication in any of the following locations, or in any other locations that STATS and/or AP deem to be appropriate: (a) in the same location as the original material appeared, or (b) in a location reachable by the same pathways as the original material, or (c) in a location reachable through a search function, or (d) in a correction box if provided by AP. Licensee shall not display any material which is labeled or otherwise identified as “advisory,” “on-line out” or “not for publication.”
  3. Licensee shall not interfere with any digital rights management systems/tools which are in place regarding the AP-attributed portions of the Licensed Materials, and shall comply with all use restrictions/instructions which accompany any photo provided under this Agreement.
  4. At any time during the Term, solely at AP’s direction, STATS shall have the right to discontinue its provision of the AP-attributed portions of the Licensed Materials to Licensee, upon five (5) days’ written notice to Licensee, if Licensee does not, or is unable to, make any changes requested by AP as to the manner in which the AP-attributed content are displayed. In such an event, STATS and Licensee will discuss, in good faith, a pro-rata reduction in the license fees.
  5. With respect to the AP-attributed portions of the Licensed Materials, Licensee agrees to display the following copyright notice in connection with all uses of these portions of the Licensed Materials, accompanied by the “AP” logo (as provided by STATS to Licensee): “Copyright xxxx [where xxxx denotes the current year] Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.” Licensee shall also display the following credit or attribution provided by STATS with respect to each item covered by this paragraph: (i) For text: (AP) or By The Associated Press, [Writer’s byline], accompanied by the “AP” logo; (ii) For photos: include the credit as listed in the caption for the particular photo