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Opta Vision

Comprising Stats Perform’s most sophisticated performance metrics, Opta Vision is redefining the parameters for live football insights and analysis for a new generation of consumers.

Bringing event & tracking data together to generate powerful new insights

Opta Vision combines Stats Perform’s industry leading Opta event data with player tracking  to create a single, merged dataset, delivering richer performance insights to professional teams and exciting new opportunities for broadcasters and publishers to generate new storylines.

  • Unique tactical insights, communicated to audiences in real-time.
  • Objective off-the-ball trend detection, generating new talking points to fuel debates and analysis.
  • Greater context to passing data, identifying standout performers to inform editorial content and player profiling.


Play Introducing Opta Vision
Introducing Opta Vision (00:01:19)

Models Available Through Opta Vision

Data Points Available Through Opta Vision

How do we create the models?

Opta Vision’s tracking data includes stadium feeds from camera systems installed at match venues and, for the first time, remote tracking collection from video sources, leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technology.

The overall process encompasses five key stages, covering:

  • Stage 1 – Video Capture: Match footage is collected from in-stadia cameras and remote feeds.
  • Stage 2 – Live Data Generation: Highly skilled analysts use bespoke software to collect consistent, accurate event data. At the same time, 25Hz tracking data of all players and the ball is generated from stadium cameras, at 25 frames per second, in parallel to real-time remote tracking capture.
  • Stage 3 – Real Time QA: Live QA of stadium tracking in-venue, in parallel with QA of remote tracking.
  • Stage 4 – AI Modelling: Qwinn intelligence is applied live to enrich data sources, generating new data points and predictive metrics
  • Stage 5 – Enriched Outputs: Advanced performance insights are generated and delivered live to customers via Opta Vision feeds.

Opta Vision in Action

Enhance Your Analysis of Players and Teams

Provide a deeper level of live insight and analysis, using the most sophisticated advanced Opta metrics.

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