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Superior Insight on both sides of the ball during live matches

Opta Vision combines tracking data, high-quality event data, and powerful AI to create our richest data ever. Our merged dataset provides unparalleled insight into live play, allowing you to captivate fans with innovative next-generation football statistics.

Opta Vision

Disruptive Data for Revolutionary Coverage

  • Go beyond the box score with novel analytics like Expected Threat.
  • Analyse play at a grander level by comparing attacking and defending team shapes with Shape Analysis.
  • Leverage finer player performance metrics like Line Breaking Passes to better quantify a player’s impact and contribution.
  • Give fans original perspectives on their favourite players, like how they create defensive pressure and overcome it with Pressure Intensity.
  • Add new, enriched dimensions to animations and give fans the underlying story of the big plays and explosive goals.
01:38 An Introduction to Opta Vision
29:46 #BeyondTracking – Bradford Griffiths & David Wall
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What is Opta Vision? (01:38)
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#BeyondTracking (29:46)

The Four Stages In The Opta Vision Process

Available Through Opta Vision

Line Breaking Passes

Insight into Passes Which Break Through the Opposition

Line Breaking Passes measure a player’s impact on a team’s offensive output by tracking the success of passes in which the ball breaks the line of the opposing team’s defence. When a forward pass is successfully made from an attacking player to a target defended by two or more players in active play, that pass is considered line breaking.

Line Breaking Passes unlock a new level of detail in player contribution, allowing you to quantify:

  • Which players in a match complete the most line breaking passes.
  • Who on the team is most influential playing out from the back and breaking the opposition’s forward line.
  • The number of line breaking passes which lead to chances created.
Play Opta Vision: Line Breaking Passes Explained
Opta Vision: Line Breaking Passes Explained (02:07)
Pressure Intensity

Evaluating Performance in High-Pressure Situations

Pressure Intensity evaluates the threat created by the defending team against a player possessing the ball. Opta Vision dynamically assigns a pressure level to the three closest defending players and determines a pressure value that quantifies the pressure applied to the attacking player.

Pressure Intensity gives media coverage and pro analysts insight into:

  • The success rate of passes by an attacking player, based on the amount of pressure faced.
  • The amount of pressure applied by defending teams and how those teams fare when facing pressure across a competition.
  • The link between the pressure applied by a defending team and the number of times that team regains possession as a result.
Play Opta Vision: Pressure Intensity Explained
Opta Vision: Pressure Intensity Explained (01:44)
Opta Vision in Action

How Opta Vision is used to enhance data-driven storytelling

From training data to player scouting, live broadcast to social media, Opta Vision can be tailored to any outlet’s needs to quickly and easily provide greater depth to football analysis.


Learn more about Opta Vision in Action

In the eight-part Beyond Tracking webinar series, data experts discuss the application of Opta Vision enriched data in the pro and media space. Topics include quantifying a player’s on-ball decision-making, applications of aggregated fitness data, shape analysis to support opposition scouting and more.

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The Opta Vision Difference

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