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deliver magic to fans in-stadium and out-of-home

Create more immersive stadium experiences, grow audiences out-of-home and attract lucrative commercial sponsorship opportunities

Engagement in-Arena

Captivating In-Arena Visuals

Modern sport stadiums face a range of challenges whether that be competition for eyes from smartphones in the ground or viewing options away from the stadium.

Stats Perform can help you integrate detailed data throughout your ground to improve fan experience, drive fan loyalty and drive value out of commercial partnerships.

Use our accurate, globally consistent data throughout your stadium to power scoreboards, screens and more before, during and after the game. Create engaging, custom in-ground mobile, AR and VR experiences for fans.


Play Pittsburgh Penguins on Driving Fan Engagement Using Stats Perform
Pittsburgh Penguins on Driving Fan Engagement Using Stats Perform (2:15)

Why Would In-Stadium Fans Have Less Information?

Fans in stadiums can often have less access to information than a fan sat at home tuned into a broadcast. Deep data, delivered visually, keeps fans entertained and informed in real-time.

We power Bayern Munich’s concourse screens, giving fans live data visualisations, team statistics and more.

Accelerate Out-Of-Home Sponsorship Activation

The world of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising is quickly becoming one of the most advanced and interactive advertising formats out there. At the forefront of this growth stands the integration of sports content. This isn’t just about big screens displaying scores; it’s a strategic move for stadiums, brands, digital signage and more to integrate an automated stream of content.

Maximise the impact of electronic advertising boards, concourse screens, external signage and more to bring in commercial partners and better activate sponsorships. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, could you be next?

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