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a wave of data

Artificial Intelligence in sport

Our AI Capabilities Mean We Create Products And Insights That Others Cannot

Deep AI Integration To Drive Innovation

Stats Perform’s unique combination of market-leading AI capabilities, alongside the vast amounts of data in our Opta database, positions us uniquely for sports’ high volume, highly personalised, real-time future.

As the needs of the modern sports teams and fans shifts, we’re pioneering advancements in machine learning, computer vision, and predictive analytics to truly transform the fan experience.

00:32:20 The Now And Future Of Sports Content
01:38 An Introduction to Opta Vision
00:02:12 How The Orlando Magic prepare for the NBA Draft with AutoStats
Play The Now And Future Of Sports Content
The Now And Future Of Sports Content (00:32:20)
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What is Opta Vision? (01:38)

Use Cases

How our AI technologies are already being applied in the world of sport

Applied AI to win Fans and Trophies

Our applications of AI help the sports industry to win audience, revenues and trophies.

Our AI Credentials

Stats Perform have been collecting sports data for nearly 40 years and have built the world’s deepest and richest sports database. We have reshaped how fans watch sports, by taking simple data points such as shots, passes and tackles and converting those moments into engaging stories.

As we identify new data points through AI powered tracking, new stories and ways to tell them through ai algorithms and create new experiences through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies, we’ll breach the next era in sports analytics and fan engagement.

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