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Live Player Stats

Build captivating player prop betting experiences with Stats Perform’s fast, accurate live and historical player data feeds for football (soccer), cricket, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and more.

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Rich Player Data

High-quality player betting experiences start with deep, accurate player dataOur proprietary archive spans 35 years, 15 sports, hundreds of leagues, thousands of players and millions of player statistics, and is trusted by some of the world’s largest broadcasters, teams, media and sportsbooks. 

Coverage and advanced data points include premium tracking data, the Opta F73 expected goals feed, MLB X-Info and NFL XInfo, which contains details such as blocking schemes, receiver routes and the involvement of each player on each play.

We’ve also begun to collect our deepest-ever player tracking data from broadcast video courtesy of AutoSTATS.

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Opta Fast Player Statistics

Described by SBCNews as a ‘breakthrough second-screen experience’, Opta Fast Player Statistics powers pre-match and live global football player props and player stats trackers for top-tier operators like Sky Bet, bet365 and GVC, helping them create new thrills from every foul, shot, pass and tackle. 

Whether youre developing your own player props or you use one of our accredited pricing providers such as Sportcast, 21st Club or Banach, Opta Fast Player Statistics will help change the game for your customers.


Global Football Player Stats Tracker

Track individual player performance live in unrivalled detail for 5,000+ global football matches with our most immersive player stats visualisation. Then combine with our Opta and RunningBall live match visualisations for an unbeatable in-play betting and fantasy experience.

They’re integrated through our powerful Content Player or as a standalone widget.

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Deep Player Performance Data Available for

Create Next-generation Betting Experiences Today

From rich player datasets to advanced AIpowered deep-learning prediction and probability models, we can help you set new standards in player prop betting experiencesat scale.


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