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AI-Powered Basketball Player Tracking

AI captures the value of tracking data for the optimal way to provide scalable, objective and advanced analysis through remote video. AutoStats uses previously impossible tracking methods to access granular tracking data and reach a level of insight that once required in-venue hardware.


AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology

AutoStats collects comprehensive tracking data from any basketball game through remote video sources, vastly expanding the data available to be collected for performance analysis and truly scalable scouting efforts.

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Custom Team Performance Reports

Mining previously untapped levels of advanced data to uncover new performance metrics, Stats Perform Pro Report Services are customised to satisfy unique performance requirements for college and professional organisations.

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SportVU In-Venue Player Tracking

The SportVU camera system is installed in basketball arenas to track the real-time positions of players and the ball at 25 times per second. Stats Perform brought optical tracking to professional sports and the NBA, and the company is now pushing the industry forward with SportVU 2.0’s advancements in computer vision and active learning.

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AI-Powered Player-Tracking Solutions

Find out how Stats Perform’s advancements in AI have changed how basketball is analysed.