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Opta Data

Opta data from Stats Perform is more than a fast score: it is the universal language of sport, trusted for accuracy, depth, breadth and detail by sports fans all over the world.




Opta: The Universal Language of Sport

Our Opta sports data powers experiences across all major sports, for all media types, including the world’s biggest broadcasters, websites, apps, news outlets, sportsbooks and fantasy games.

Our data is captured in real-time, before being delivered to clients through our extensive range of feeds and APIs, which are offered at different detail levels, depending on your requirements. This breadth allows us to offer you everything from fast live scores and play-by-play to colourful, visual text commentaries, deep historical player and team stats, metrics, predictions and much more.


In-Depth, Advanced Football Data Collection

Opta’s men’s and women’s football data is collected and delivered in real-time by expert human analysts and enriched with computer vision and AI. Through this parallel human and computer-fused process, we are able to supply more player and team statistics, for more games, more accurately, and faster. We can even generate in-depth and detailed performance and tracking data for historical fixtures.

It is the accuracy, breadth, consistency and speed of Opta’s football data – and the associated trust by fans all over the world – that makes it essential to the world’s leading broadcasters, media, digital publishers, clubs, leagues, federations and betting operators.

Play Opta Event Data Collection For Football - Explained
Opta Event Data Collection For Football - Explained (03:12)

How To Access Opta Data

We Offer Various Ways to use Opta Data: All Built to fit Your Needs

The Only Globally Trusted Sports Data Brand

Opta’s brand is recognised and trusted across the globe. It is known as independent, consistent and accurate by coaches, players, journalists, broadcasters, brands and sports apps – and most importantly, by fans, in every corner of the earth.

As well as helping the best in sport create magic, we also create our own. Our global Social Media accounts are followed by millions of sports fans and the analysis and research we publish on The Opta Analyst, our own fan-facing site, is regularly cited across global sports media and broadcasters.


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