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Protecting The Integrity Of Sport

Sports integrity has never before been such a strategic priority for rights holders and governing bodies. Our integrity unit provides support and protection to help safeguard against a range of threats.

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Some Of Our Integrity Partners
Integrity in Sport

The Stats Perform Approach to Integrity

Stats Perform’s role is to work with rights holders, betting operators and sports integrity stakeholders discreetly and collaboratively to protect their sports against sources of corruption.

We’ve developed a unique approach to managing match-fixing risk that includes betting market monitoring, global intelligence gathering, and performance analysis as a combined service.

We believe this holistic approach is the most balanced and effective way of tackling the integrity issues that confront all levels of sport.

Play Our Integrity work with La Liga
Our Integrity work with La Liga (02:42)

Integrity Services to Prevent, Detect and Investigate

Stats Perform Integrity has pioneered a unique integrity strategy that incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach to managing the risks around betting fraud and match manipulation.

Social Media Abuse Monitoring

We’ve partnered with Signify Group to offer access to Threat Matrix, Signify’s online threat identification, monitoring and analysis service including:

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of millions of social media posts
  • Alerts of the highest risk social media posts to the client/social platforms
  • Compelling evidential cases to take to the authorities and social platforms
  • Detailed reports analysing and illuminating abuse trends, tactics and networks

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The Guardian: Expected Goals being used in football’s war against match-fixing

It is a metric at the heart of football’s fiercest culture war, pitting traditionalists against stat-savvy data experts. But expected goals (xG) – along with other analytics such as passes allowed per defensive action – has become a vital new weapon in the fight against match-fixing, the Guardian can reveal. The Guardian has learned that there are more than 30 cases in over half a dozen countries where football analytics is being used in the package of supporting evidence – alongside suspicious betting patterns and intelligence – to bring those involved to justice.

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Protect Your Sport Against Threats

Find out how our integrity team can work with you to safeguard your sport and protect its long-term value.

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