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Protecting The Integrity Of Sport

Sports integrity has never before been such a strategic priority for rights holders and governing bodies. Our integrity unit provides non-profit support and protection to help safeguard against a range of threats.

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Our Philosophy

Stats Perform’s role is to work with rights holders, betting operators and sports integrity stakeholders discreetly and collaboratively to protect their sports against sources of corruption.

As a sports technology business, we have a vested interest in the integrity of sport, being fundamental to long-term value and development. As such we work transparently with a genuine focus on the integrity of both rights holder content and its distribution, as well as the game itself.

Threat Protection Across Three Core Areas

Betting Market Monitoring

Our proprietary In-House Monitoring Tool tracks pre-match and in-play global bookmaker pricing to identify and analyse potential integrity violations.

  • Ingests data on 1×2, Goals and Handicap markets for all matches.
  • Connected to over 220 bookmakers.
  • Algorithm-based alerts methodology.
  • Expert analysis team with real-world investigation experience.

Intelligence Gathering & Analysis

Unmatched critical and global insight to improve integrity measures.

  • Creation of an extensive and growing intelligence network.
  • Facilitates confidential and FoC exchange of information and alerts among the industry.
  • Builds on the baseline of event monitoring to create an actionable counter to threats.
  • Gives rights holders awareness and control over issues pertaining to betting on their sport.

Focus on Player & Team Performance Analysis

Supporting integrity by bringing context to a match

Our rich granular data offers an additional layer of analysis that can bring contextual elements on team and player performance and help us to understand a match in greater detail.

Advanced metrics such as expected goals, player error stats and big chance metrics deepen our understanding of how team or player performance in a match deemed suspicious compares to an average performance.

By combining our unparalleled detailed data with our own betting market monitoring service, intelligence and expert video analysis, we can provide rights holders with a detailed and nuanced match view to support their investigations.

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Protect Your Sport From Integrity Threats

Find out how Stats Perform Integrity can work with you to safeguard your sport and protect its long-term value.

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